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We, at GJC, are very fortunate to have friends and partners who, after deep reflection, make the decision to devote their free time in taking ACTION  within our programs, activities and events. These wonderful human beings join us in our dreams and take steps towards bettering the lives of our children and youth.

Board Members

Onagh Ash

Board Chairman & President
Retired Executive at HP, Oracle and SAP
Partner, KPMG/Bearing Point
Los Cabos, Mexico
Reno, Nevada

Sylvia Tremblay

Board Secretary
World Health Organization
Former CEO, Boys & Girls Club Vancouver
Los Cabos, Mexico

Murray Vasilev

Board Treasurer
Retired Oil & Gas Executive
Former Board Member, PetroAlliance
Los Cabos, Mexico
Pender Island, BC

Patricia Pratt Green

President/Owner at Creative Consumer Research
Founder, Green Scholarship Program
Los Cabos, Mexico

Philip Langridge

Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Commercial Real Estate Developer
Vancouver, BC
Los Cabos, Mexico

Mauricio Balderrama

Managing Director, Cabo Surf Hotel
Grupo Madrugadores de Los Cabos
Los Cabos, Mexico

Fredy Rodriguez Nunez

President, Rotary Club Los Cabos 2017 -2019

CEO & Founder, Grupo - SIE

Jenny Bolton

Retired CEO, Virgo Publishing

Former President, Variety (Imprint Division)

Los Cabos, Mexico

Scottsdale, AZ

Advisory Board

Eric Strickland


3LS Incorporated

Nashville, TN

Jesus Manuel Corral

Corporate Finance
President, Chamber of Commerce
Los Cabos, Mexico

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